Throw out everything you've been told about health and fitness and start fresh. Become a part of the process and make fat loss and fitness simple once and for all. 


Mia St-Aubin

I have been in fitness my entire life. I was blessed enough to grow up in a family that taught me the value of fitness and nutrition from a very young age. 

Growing up, all I knew was that I wanted to make a significant impact on the lives of others, and the best way I know how to leave my mark is through educating others on health and fitness. As a former national level competitive track and field athlete, I know what it is like to push my body and overtrain. I have struggled with my own health issues and as a result I vowed it was time for a change. I stand for an interruption in the health and fitness industry.  My goal is to help us question the assumptions of health and fitness as we look at the industry now, and to begin doing the opposite of what we have been taught for years; eat more food, exercise less and cut ourselves some slack.

 I believe that we have the tools, each of us, to change our health. It is not as complicated as we have been told, you can do this and it will not take up as much time as you may think. 

As the founder of the largest free health and fitness movement in Canada's capital, I am on mission to change the face of fitness and to change the way we look at our health. I know with the right tools we can finally understand what it truly means to "feel good".

Contact Info: mia@miastaubin.com