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After years of having the same conversation about health and fitness with women around the world, I believe it is time for a change. It s time to throw out all we have been told about nutrition and fitness, it's time to start over. After years of battling my own health concerns, and working with my clients to overcome their health challenges, it has become clear to me that the health and fitness conversation we have been told for years, is not only misleading, but it is very confusing resulting not in goals accomplished, rather frustration, further health concerns and a society that perpetuates these messages.

In a world where we are told to eat less food, exercise more and if what we are doing is not working, then it's got to be our own fault, it's got to be our motivation or our lack of discipline, I am asking women to do the complete opposite. What we are doing is clearly not working, so I ask you, what if we learned how to fuel our bodies properly and ate more food? What if we gave ourselves a break and did less, better quality exercise and workouts? And what if we, instead of beating ourselves up all the time, cut ourselves some slack and learned how to effectively listen to our bodies?

I ask you to learn, grow and move your bodies with these simple guides, I have made just for you so that together we can make a change.

Let's do the opposite together, let's be a part of something different.

xx Mia

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