I Thought They Were Veggie Donuts

(No but seriously)

If you've ever struggled to lose weight

only to wind up frustrated, disheartened, and perhaps even heavier than before, then this might be hard for you to swallow. But the simple truth is…

It's not that complicated...

We’ve had a heapin’ plateful of diet and weight-loss myths shoved down our collective throat – most of it from a multi-billion-dollar industry that feeds on people like you and me every day. An industry that gorges itself on our never-ending cycles of loss and gain, chews us up and spits us out … only to feed upon us once more.


I am giving you the permission to STOP DIETING and make fat loss simple. Grab a copy of my e-book to learn how to make health, fitness and fat loss simple and actually enjoyable!

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This book is for you if...

You know it's got to be easier, if you truly want to be active, be healthy and just be one of those people who seems to make working out and eating well so flawless (without hating their life), you know like those people who walk around in their gym clothes all day as if they actually like it!

This book is for you if you just want to include the gym and workouts in your life without killing yourself in the process!

Does any of this sound familiar to you? 

  • Learn how to make living a healthy, active lifestyle simple
  • Stop killing yourself in the gym and learn how to pick the best workout program for you
  • Learn my personal story of how it took me, miss fitness getting cancer to finally be able to share my story with the world 
  • Finally learn how you can be active, healthy and fit and still have a social life!

Stop setting the same new years resolution goals! It's time to make this simple!

My mission is to make the world of fat loss and fitness simple. With so many programs and fad diets on the market right now, my intention is to teach you the simplicity of nutrition, how to eat right for your body and to show you some simple recipes that you can include in your healthy active living diet.


You need to "eat clean"​, and be sure to meal prep every Sunday. I am telling you right now I don't meal prep, never have and never will, I have better things to do with my time!

Besides, half the time you get sick of whatever it is that you made and so the $100.00 you spent on groceries ends up going to waste and you still haven't accomplished your goals. Am I right?​

​So save your 100 bucks and your time and for just 7.99 you can get your hands on a complete system to follow so you an make fat loss and exercise simple AND get a ton of the simplest and tastiest recipes you'll ever follow, getting you on the path to a healthier you!​ This way you're not in the kitchen for hours and you're actually cooking meals fast and easily that are right in line with your goals! ​

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If you are someone who wants to get rid of the plateaus, actually have time to workout, and not cut out your favourite glasses of wine, then let me show you how!

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