21 Workouts you can do ANYWHERE

Who really has the time?!

We are pulled in a million different directions today from soccer practice, to work, to birthday parties and never ending lunch meetings, that it's actually damn near impossible to actually find the time to move your body.

But the thing is we know we HAVE to...

The truth is, it doesn't have to take nearly as long as you've been told. Did you know that in order to burn body fat you actually only have to move your body for 20 minutes?!

That's it!

The thing is, we either do too much or not enough at all, and instead of a great quality workout we hit the stair master for an hour and call it day.

So...I've put together 21 of my own workouts for you that you can literally do anywhere and finally jump on the workout train towards your fitness goals once and for all!

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This book is for you if...

You know you want to get moving but honestly,  you just can't find the time.  You know it's got to be easier, you truly want to be active, be healthy and just be one of those people who seems to make working out and eating well so flawless (without hating their life), you know like those people who walk around in their gym clothes all day as if they actually like it!

This guide is for you if you just want to include the gym and workouts in your life without killing yourself in the process and without missing out on times with your friends, your family or just time with yourself doing nothing!!

Fitness should NOT be a chore, not doing it be something that takes up hours of your day. Make it simple, fast and most importantly, make it effective!







Don't believe me? I guarantee if you practice the principals mentioned above that you'll see way more results, and faster than you will if you follow what we've been taught for years, and I'll prove it to you. 

All you have to do is send me an e-mail to runyourlifecoaching@gmail.com and say "Mia I'm in", send me your before photo as well as your after photo (when you're done) this way I'll know you're totally committed to reaching your goals, and if after 21 one days you don't see a single change in your body I'll give you all your money back no questions asked. 

All you have to do is keep your workouts, simple, short and to the point!

Stop setting the same new years resolution goals! It's time to make this simple!

My mission is to make the world of fat loss and fitness simple. With so many programs and fad diets on the market right now, my intention is to teach you the simplicity of nutrition, how to eat right for your body and to show you some simple recipes that you can include in your healthy active living diet.


You've got to work HARDER, you've got to push yourself more, sleep is for the weak! I ask you, if working harder really was the answer would more of us not see better results?

How many times have you gotten excited over your goals only to return back to the place where you started, defeated because you worked SO HARD and only accomplished a fraction of what you set out to accomplish? Or worse, nothing at all!

​Save your time and mental sanity and get started with my super simple, super fast and effective workouts you can literally do anywhere for the cost of ONE group fitness class. Save your money and your time and get after it now! ​

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If you are someone who wants keep their social life but look and feel great at the same time, if you want to prove to yourself you CAN then let me show you how! Let's workout together!

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